Custom Carburetors

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One of the things we are best known for is our custom AFB style Carbs. These were originally developed for our own cars racing in NSS. 9 second 4 speed cars can be especially hard to tune with these carbs out of the box. This progressed thru the years to what we have now. Many people have reported significant speed and ET improvements when using ours. Along with the obvious external changes, there are numerous internal changes based on your needs. These carbs are prepared on a car by car basis, so be prepared to answer some questions when oredering. We also do more basic mods for street and street-strip applications. They can be built for automatic cars as well as manual and will work on any brand.Use the contact page phone numbers or email to inquire. Pricing varies depending on carb size and level of mods, call or email for quote. We can also modify your existing carbs in most cases.


For those who like Holleys, we can also supply custom  carburetors for you. Any size including dominators is available. Dominator


Below is one NSS Customer who got a bit of a surprise after bolting on a set of our carbs