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Mopar Race Engines and Machining

        We primarily specialize in Mopar race engines .Our philosophy is a bit different than some builders. We do not build crate engines,or try to be the lowest price supplier in the country. What we do build is some of the finest race engines in the country. For  example,along with normal machining practices, all blocks are hand clearanced, deburred and radiused. We do not build an engine with a shelf cam, all cams are ground based on your needs. and the list goes on. The partners have decades of engine building and race experience and want your engine to be the best it can be.

  All engines are built custom per your specs, and if you aren't sure about what you need, you have come to the right place-describe what you want to do and we will work with you to provide what you need. That said, if you want to build it yourself, and just need machining or parts, we can recommend and provide what you need.

  We are dealers for Indy Cylinder head, Bullet Cams, Charlies Oil Pans, Victory Driveshaft, and several others.

  Whatever your engine needs are, we can help......another not so well kept secret- we also build other brand engines if you prefer.

  Feel free to call, or if you prefer, email us a quote request from the contact page. Tell us what you are trying to achieve-things like what the application is, car, weight , big block or small block, etc.






 Diamondback Engines Race engines are intended for offroad/racing use only. Due to the extreme forces and stress that racing components are exposed to, absolutely no warranty is stated or implied by Diamondback Engines. Under no circumstances will Diamondback Engines accept any liability expressed or implied for the intended or unintended use of any of our products. Racing is a dangerous activity, by choosing to race, our customers accept all risks associated with racing.